Thermoplastic Adhesives for High Volume, High Precision Operations

Aquabond’s water soluble thermoplastic is designed for temporary mounting of hard materials for slicing, dicing, grinding, lapping and polishing, and works well as a chemical etch barrier. Aquabond® comes in 3 different bonding temperatures that can be purchased in puck form. The nomenclature depicts each product’s melting temperature centigrade. For specific technical information, see Product Data. You can also view theMSDS sheets.

All products are virtually insoluble in cold or cool water, thus providing a strong bond in the presence of aqueous cutting lubricants and coolants.

All Aquabond thermoplastic adhesives when submerged inHOTwater will go to solution and not return. The use of Aquaclean 900™ and ultrasonic or air agitation greatly speeds debonding and aids in producing very clean finished parts. As long as your work piece is non-hazardous, and you already have the proper approvals, the solution can be poured down the drain.

Aquabond 85 ™

It has the highest melting and bonding temperature and is used as a backfill for bonding parts that are not flat. It is also used for grooving, cutting, slicing and dicing hard, single crystal materials. This product has higher tensile strength than other thermoplastics without being brittle.

Aquabond 55 ™

It has the lowest melting and bonding temperature and is generally used for lapping, backgrinding, wafer bonding and wafer thinning. It puddles quickly and can spread as thin as four (4) microns.

Aquabond 65 ™

This is a formulation with the properties of both Aquabond 55™ and Aquabond 85™. It is a great all purpose product for either lapping and grinding or slicing and dicing.

AquaBond Temporary Adhesive Properties:

  • Chemical Specific Solubility
  • Water Soluble
  • Superior Adhesion Strength
  • Structural Stability
  • Process Selectivity
  • Broad Range of Bonding Temperatures (90-150C)
  • Convenient Application (Stick or Bulk Ingots)
  • Quick Preparation Time
  • Eliminates or Reduces Blade Dressing
  • Consistent, Stable Slicing
  • Film Virtually Prevents Chatter During Machining
  • Bonds Are Rigid But Not Brittle

AquaBond Temporary Adhesive Results:

  • Safe, Easy Removal of Finished Parts
  • Environmentally Friendly and Worker Safe
  • Hazardous Materials, Including Solvents Are No Longer Needed
  • Heat And Agitation Easily Improve Debonding Times
  • Superior Performance